Dr Aliza Bilman

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Clinical Psychologist  ?
  PsyD clin psych (USA) MA clinc psych (USA)

HPCSA Number: 0119105
Practice Number: 0529605

Works with: Adults, children, adolescents, couples, and individuals.

Specialising in: Anxiety disorder, life changes, marital/couples therapy, chronic medical conditions, depression, family difficulties, fertility related issues, loss/grief, relationships, self development, and trauma.

Working in: English.

I am a qualified clinical psychologist and trained in the United States. I use an integrative approach to psychotherapy with an emphasis on the client-therapist relationship. While I rely on grounded theory and techniques, I try to create an individualized therapy for each client that addresses his or her needs and integrate EMDR into the therapy.

My special interests include: Trauma; Couples; Relationship Enhancement Therapy; Grief and Loss; Post Natal Depression; Pain EMDR; Health Issues; Emotional Issues; & Life Transitions

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