CJ L'Hoste

Clinical Psychologist  M.A. Clin. Psych. (UCT)  ?
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Works with: Adults, adolescents, and individuals.
Specialising in: Anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, chronic medical conditions, depression, family difficulties, fertility related issues, life changes, loss/grief, personality disorders, relationships, self development, and trauma.
Working in: English.

I am a clinical psychologist providing individual psychotherapy for adults, young adults, and older adolescents from my private practice in Claremont, Cape Town.

The decision to seek help is a courageous one, and the reasons for attending therapy are varied; some clients are seeking a more fulfilled way of living with greater self-knowledge, some are grappling with difficulties of life stress or relationships, others are struggling with difficulties such as depression or anxiety. For most it is a combination of a number of these factors.

My areas of interest include:

  • Diagnosable disorders like anxiety or depression
  • Functional neurological disorders
  • Women’s wellbeing
  • Narcissism
  • Relational trauma
  • Codependence
  • Attachment difficulties
  • Difficulties particular to young adults
  • Personal growth
  • Peri and post natal mental health (Moms and babies).


Mobile: 084 206 7136


HPCSA Number: PS0103373
Practice Number: 0346101

17 Harman Road
Cape Town