Ruth Scott

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Clinical Psychologist  ?
 MA Clin Psych

HPCSA Number: PS0104159
Practice Number: 0420271

I am a clinical psychologist practising in Constantia, Cape Town. I offer both short and long term psychotherapy for adults. I aim to provide compassionate and respectful care in a safe, confidential environment.

I work with people experiencing a wide variety of psychological disorders and forms of distress. I practise from a relational psychoanalytic perspective which, simply put, means that therapy is focused on feelings or behaviour patterns, how these may be related to experiences in the past and how they are understood in the therapeutic relationship. Through insight, understanding, and a supportive helping relationship, unmanageable feelings and experiences may be worked through and alleviated.

I am especially interested in the treatment of anxiety disorders (including panic disorder, separation anxiety disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder), which are often closely related to depression, co-dependence and relationship problems.

Psychotherapy can facilitate healing in people with severe psychological distress but it may also be valuable for individuals who would like to explore their experience of 'self' in the world. Therapy can increase self awareness and add meaning in what may feel like dark or mysterious periods of life.

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Mobile: 082 463 3322
Skype: ruthmaryscott
Twitter: twitter

Alphen House
15 Brommersvlei Road
Cape Town

Works with: Adults and individuals.

Specialising in: Depression, loss/grief, relationships, sexuality and gender, trauma, anxiety disorder, chronic medical conditions, family difficulties, self development, life changes, personality disorders, addiction, and fertility related issues.

Working in: English.