Thato Letsatsi-Dithako

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Clinical Psychologist  ?
 MA. Clin. Psych. (UCT)

HPCSA Number: PS0141569
Practice Number: 0879614


My passion for psychology inspired me to further broaden my knowledge by completing my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Cape Town. I completed my internship at Valkenberg Psychiatric Hospital, focusing on adult and forensic psychiatry, as well as at Groote Schuur General Hospital where I concentrated on psychiatry and co-morbid medical conditions. My period of community service was completed in the Department of Correctional Services at George Correctional Centre where I obtained invaluable experience working with the offending population.

My research outputs have focused on understanding the complexity of psychological trauma. Above and beyond trauma work I am intensely passionate about understanding people. I believe that my role as the therapist is to collaborate with my clients in facilitating a therapeutic process in which they can be empowered to truly realize their inherent potential. I do not underestimate the immense power of a healing and corrective relational experience that can be achieved within a therapeutic relationship.


My practice focuses on adult individual therapy. I believe that human beings have an inherent need to connect with others. When these connections and ways in which we relate to others are challenged or compromised it can often lead to psychological pain. Psychological and emotional difficulties in turn may translate into mental health issues. Hence, the core of my therapeutic approach is to develop a therapeutic relationship with my clients where corrective experiences or new ways of relating can occur.

Psychological concerns I address include, but are not limited to: - Trauma - Relational difficulties - Identity crisis and conflict - Depression and anxiety - Personal growth and development - Adjustment difficulties

While I rely on and consider a psychodynamic school of thought to be my theoretical home, I am eclectic in my therapeutic approaches, depending on the needs of my clients. The modalities which I draw on include, but are not limited to: - Psychodynamic/Relational Approaches - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Dialectic Behavioural Therapy and mindfulness - New evidence-based approaches

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Tel: 021 012 5726
Mobile: 063 488 7866

Jfa House
138 Democracy Way
Marconi Beam
Cape Town

Works with: Adults, adolescents, and individuals.

Specialising in: Anxiety disorder, child sexual abuse, depression, family difficulties, life changes, loss/grief, personality disorders, relationships, self development, sexuality and gender, and trauma.

Working in: English, Afrikaans, Sesotho, and Setswana.