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Counselling Psychologist  ?
 Masters degree, Counselling Psychology

HPCSA Number: PS0040010
Practice Number: 8627711

I started my career at industrial schools, reformatories and childrens' homes and in the process learned a lot about children with behavioural and learning problems. Also service in the school psychological service as subject advisor. After that twelve years as addiction treatment specialist at an in-patient treatment centre for all forms of addiction. Persons tend to concentrate on the treatment of psychological conditions, quite often underestimating the importance of preventitive measures, which can potentially prevent a lot of damage and trauma.

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Tel: 083 232 2461
Mobile: 083 232 2461
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1 Solway, Bellville (Behind Louis Leipoldt Mediclinic)
Cape Town

Works with: Adults, children, adolescents, couples, individuals, and families.

Specialising in: Addiction, anxiety disorder, career assessments, depression, developmental disorders, family difficulties, learning difficulties, learning disorders, life changes, loss/grief, personality disorders, relationships, self development, and sexuality and gender.

Working in: English and Afrikaans.