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 M.Ed (Educational Psychology)

HPCSA Number: PS 0135020
Practice Number: 0673293

In my work I practice from a psychodynamic approach. This approach believes that there are deep psychological processes that underly our daily experiences, such as our feelings and beliefs; and that these processes have often stemmed from early childhood.

The psychodynamic premise is therefore that patterns repeat themselves throughout life, and it is through understanding our earliest experiences that we gain mastery over our current state.

This approach can be applied across the age spectrum. When it comes to children, they are still heavily immersed in emotional experiences and developing ways of coping with feelings that can often be very overwhelming to them. Many times, children do not have the words to express their feelings, acting them out through behaviour that adults may not understand. Play therapy offers children a space to simply feel their emotions in a space without judgement, and to learn how to express their emotions and thoughts in a meaningful way, using play as a means of communication.

In a similar way, adolescents are inundated with intense emotional experiences On a daily basis. During those phase, your teen may find it difficult to understand what they are going through as well as how to express this to the adult side in their lives. Therapy for adolescents often employs a mixture of talk and creative techniques to facilitate emotional expression amen understanding in a safe space.

I am compassionately aware that seeking therapy for yourself and/or your child can feel incredibly scary. It is never easy to face our own vulnerability or need for support, especially without the fear of judgement. However, therapy is not something that needs to be justified by any means- there is no reason too big or too small. I honour the bravery undertaken by each and every client in seeking out and committing to their own growth and development.

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Works with: Adults, children, adolescents, individuals, and families.

Specialising in: Life changes, loss/grief, self development, anxiety disorder, relationships, family difficulties, and play therapy.

Working in: English.