Mrs Chereen Cloete

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Educational Psychologist  ?
 Med Educational Psychologist

HPCSA Number: PS 0122297
Practice Number: 0520586

Works with: Adults, children, adolescents, and individuals.

Specialising in: Career assessments, developmental disorders, learning difficulties, and learning disorders.

Working in: English and Afrikaans.

As an Educational Psychologist my interest lies in assisting children and teens who experience learning difficulties. I am passionate in helping those who experience learning barriers to discover their strengths and become aware of how to utilise their weaknesses. I believe in a holistic, integrated, brain based approach. I have training and am registered as both a Tomatis® Practioner (for more information please visit and Interactive Metronome® (IM) Provider" (for more information please visit
My services include: Assessments: psycho-educational; concession; subject choice; career; Stark-Griffin Dyslexia Determination Test. I also offer Study Skills, Learning Support and Integrated Learning Therapy - ILT (supervised).

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Tel: 082 366 8170
Mobile: 082 366 8170