Orit Grossman

Educational Psychologist  Med (Wits); HdipEdu  ?
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Works with: Children, adolescents, and individuals.
Specialising in: Career assessments, learning difficulties, and learning disorders.
Working in: English.
Bryanston; Norwood; Bedfordview

Orit Grossman has a Masters Degree in Educational psychology from the University of Witwatersrand and is also a qualified high school and primary school teacher. She has previously taught at primary and high school level.

It was during her teaching career that Orit realised the profound impact in an individual’s life when they can receive more individualised, holistic support unique to their own context. She, therefore, embarked on her journey to becoming an Educational Psychologist. She worked in NGO’s before going into private practice in 2007.

Orit Grossman uses a multidisciplinary psychotherapeutic approach within the context of the child’s life, for example, the family or school. She may see a child individually, or with parents or other family members. She may also see parents or carers without the child being present.

Orit Grossman specialises in child and adolescent psychotherapy. She offers therapy to children and young people with emotional or behavioural difficulties, including:

depression, anxiety, trauma, development delay, phobias, aggression, consequences of child abuse, self-harming, learning difficulties and disabilities, eating disorders, psychosomatic disorders

As an educational psychologist, Orit Grossman provides psycho-educational assessments and therapy of children and young people. She tailors her therapeutic approach to the individual child and works in an age-appropriate way.

In an educational setting, Orit Grossman’s role as an educational psychologist is to help children or young people who are experiencing problems with the aim of enhancing their learning. Challenges may include social or emotional problems or learning difficulties.

She will conduct a comprehensive psycho-educational assessment using the latest psychological standardised tests, as well as observing the learner in their educational environment.


Tel: 011 463 1211
Mobile: 083 350 2628


HPCSA Number: PS 0099813
Practice Number: 086 001 027 1861

1 Streatham Crescent
Bryanston; Norwood; Bedfordview