Dr. Sonia Joubert

Educational Psychologist  Psychologist/life and business coach and mentor  ?
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Works with: Adults.
Specialising in: Life changes, organisational development, relationships, and self development.
Working in: English.

We all sometimes get stuck at a specific spot in life; it is part of the human condition. It can be personal, relationships, work or any other dimensions of our lives. As a psychologist, life coach and mentor I can facilitate and assist you to discover creative solutions for your current difficulties. It is like obtaining a fresh pair of eyes on any problem you may experience.

I offer the following services for which appointments can be scheduled after hours and weekends at no extra cost:

  • Personal mastery by acquiring creative and critical thinking skills as well as elevating emotional intelligence
  • Spiritual issues like dealing with trauma, bereavement and finding purpose and meaning in life
  • Psychological problems like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD and ADD in adults and children
  • All relationship difficulties as well as marriages counselling
  • Parenting, family therapy and divorce mediation
  • Business coaching and the development of entrepreneurship
  • Psychological assessments like personality and creativity
  • Corporate training in culture, creative and critical thinking skills
  • Career planning for teenagers and adults
  • Preparing for retirement and healthy ageing

Orientation and approach

My 25 years experience as a therapist with a doctorate in creative thinking has resulted in a flexible, open, directive and solution oriented personal therapeutic style. Although I am well versed in a wide range of psychological approaches, I have a strong leaning towards cognitive therapy. Henry George said “without correct thought, there cannot be correct action.” A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach views the feelings we have, decisions we make and actions we take as the direct consequences of the way we think. If we become aware of how we think and cultivate healthy ways of thinking, solutions to every problems we may experience will be a natural consequence. In recent years, neuroscientists have made revolutionary breakthroughs in understanding how the brain works. The most important discovery made was neuroplasticity; “neuro” for brain cells and “plasticity” for changeable and malleable. The essence of neuroplasticity is that the brain is not static but is consistently changing by how we think and what we experience. Our experiences and thoughts literally “wire” our brain cells to form neural pathways which reflect our thinking, feeling and behavioural habits. Like all habits, some work to our advantage and others are obstacles. The beauty of neuroplasticity is that choosing different thoughts and making these habits, can form new neural pathways which reflect healthy ways of thinking which will be render every aspect of our lives more satisfying and fulfilling. It is a process towards self mastery. A further discovery is that we can do this at any age, delay the ageing process and increase our intelligence. We can even form new brain cells which is called “neurogenesis.”
From a personal perspective, I like to view myself as a facilitator to “stretch” the mind of a particular client. My client and I are problem solvers together. I have lived through a multitude of personal difficulties which clients may also experience. I believe that this enables me to understand my client’s problems on a deeper level.

For more information, you are welcome to visit my website, www.thinkingfit.co.za


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HPCSA Number: PS 0030899
Practice Number: PR 8618623

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