Elna Geldenhuys

Occupational Therapist  B. Occupational Therapy (Stell); Sensory Integration Certified  ?
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Works with: Children and families.
Specialising in: Developmental disorders, learning difficulties, learning disorders, and organisational development.
Working in: English and Afrikaans.
Sea Point

I am an occupational therapist with a special interest in sensory integration and a passion for early intervention within a multi-disciplinary setting.

I am certified in the use of Sensory Integration as well as the Interactive Metronome.

If you as parents are concerned about your child’s:

  • motor development (gross and/or fine motor)

  • sensory development (e.g. hypersensitivity, feeding or sleeping difficulties)

  • behaviour (e.g. attention difficulties, emotional dysregulation, anxiety)

  • learning difficulties

  • functioning within the home, school or social environment

you are welcome to contact us at The Firs Therapy Center.

During an initial consultation with you as parents, the most appropriate assessment method for your child’s specific needs will be discussed. Following a comprehensive assessment to identify any specific difficulties your child might present with, a tailored intervention plan will be developed to best support your child and family. The aim during the therapy process is to fully support each child in developing age-appropriate skills in order to optimise his/her functioning in daily activities through the use of play and participation in meaningful activities.

The Firs Therapy Centre

The Firs Therapy Centre is a multi-disciplinary practice which offers therapeutic intervention to clients of different ages, with our main focus on early intervention and childhood development, although some therapists also provide therapeutic services to teenagers and adults. The team includes occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, a cognitive development practitioner, a dietician and a psychologist with a special interest in family & play therapy.

At The Firs Therapy Centre, we believe in following a team approach in treating our clients, as this ensures the best possible support and therapeutic outcome. Our aim is to work with children, their parents, teachers, schools and other professionals, involving everyone as a team in providing support and consultation where needed.


Tel: 021 434 6111
Mobile: 082 493 8970


HPCSA Number: OT0058661
Practice Number: 066 000 0259616

7 The Firs
41 Kloof Road
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Sea Point
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