Pat Gordon

Occupational Therapist  b.occ ther. stell 1984  ?
Photo of Pat Gordon
Works with: Children.
Specialising in: Developmental disorders, learning difficulties, and learning disorders.
Working in: English and Afrikaans.

Pat Gordon is an experienced therapist who has worked for many years in the school system with physically disabled children and in the private sector. Pat Gordon is trained in NDT and uses a combinations of perceptual motor, sensory integration and NDT techniques to help the child overcome their difficulties. Her caring approach has help many children and families over the years. She has extensive personal and professional experience with ADHD.


Tel: 021 712 5819
Mobile: 082 057 1517


HPCSA Number: OT 0012629
Practice Number: 6609112

5 Childrens Way
Cape Town