Mr Calum McComb

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Organisational Psychologist  ?
 B.Com, Hons, M.Com

HPCSA Number: PS0121398
Practice Number: 9990860040872970

Calum provides psychological development services to individuals, teams and at the organisational levels. He consults predominantly from a systems psychodynamic stance and has more than 10 years of consulting experience.

Calum has worked with individuals from all walks of life, from CEO's of listed companies, stay at home moms, and students. He has a special interest in work-related adjustments and disorders. He also has special interests in career assessment and counselling and career coaching. Calum also provides counselling for people going through life adjustments, sexuality conflicts, and stress.

Calum is passionate about helping clients to find deep insights. The psychodynamic approach to consultation values authenticity and truth. At the heart of the systems psychodynamic approach is awareness making of individual and group defensive screens that often serve to distort the quality of relationships, create feelings of stuckness, and divert energy off-task.

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Mobile: 084 913 7069
Skype: calummccomb

Highfields House
Connemara Farm
D406, Karkloof

Works with: Adults, adolescents, and individuals.

Specialising in: Career assessments, developmental disorders, life changes, organisational development, relationships, self development, sexuality and gender, and trauma.

Working in: English.