Ms. Duduzile Maphanga

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Psychometrist  ?
 Registered Psychometrist: Private Practice

HPCSA Number: PMT 0076392
Practice Number: 0321575

Are you worried about your mental health in this time of COVID-19 and lockdown?

Online video consultations are available via ZOOM or SKYPE at a time that is suitable for you. Call or email to book a session.

I provide a safe, warm, supportive and non-judgemental space to work through difficulties such as: WORKPLACE: Long hours, heavy workload, job insecurity, disciplinary action, restructuring, retrenchments, conflict with co-workers and/or management, career changes and related symptoms such as poor performance, depression, anxiety, sleeping difficulties, burnout etc. RELATIONSHIP & FAMILY: Separation, divorce, parental alienation, interpersonal conflict etc. PERSONAL: Anger management, depression, anxiety, codependency. CAREER GUIDANCE for teens. LIFE CHANGES and trauma.

Should you need a safe and secure environment that facilitates an objective assessment, healing and recovery, please book an appointment, my contact details are outlined below.

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  • Administration, scoring and reporting of neuropsychological, psychological, personality and scholastic test batteries for patients with intellectual/learning disabilities, mild to severe traumatic brain injury, neurological diseases and psychological health issues

  • Evaluation of cognitive, academic, neuropsychological, behavioural and emotional status in order to assist in treatment, learning/scholastic development and in psychological or neurological research

  • Workplace psychological evaluation to facilitate decision making in: • Recruitment and selection • Career development • Learning and development

  • Executive/leadership coaching

  • Career counselling

  • Teenage coaching and career guidance

  • Parental support for parents of children with learning disabilities

  • Workplace stress

  • Trauma support
  • Divorce recovery support

  • Contact via Find Help

    Tel: 087 250 2042 EXT 27
    Mobile: 082 399 0523
    Twitter: twitter
    Facebook: facebook

    44 Melrose Boulevard, 2nd Floor
    Melrose Arch
    Johannesburg And Sandton

    Works with: Adults, children, adolescents, couples, individuals, and families.

    Specialising in: Career assessments, family difficulties, learning disorders, life changes, organisational development, self development, trauma, depression, developmental disorders, learning difficulties, marital/couples therapy, relationships, and loss/grief.

    Working in: Sesotho sa Leboa, English, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu, Sesotho, Setswana, and siSwati.