Karina Andreae

Psychometrist  BA(Hons): Clinical Psychology; HCom: IOP  ?
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Works with: Adults, adolescents, and individuals.
Specialising in: Career assessments, organisational development, and self development.
Working in: English, Afrikaans, and German.

Latest Specials:

Subject choice assessment: R850 (Comprehensive) R350 (Standard)

Career Assessment: R1350 (Comprehensive) R450 (Standard)

For Corporate Assessments, please email us your requirements to that we can meet your budgetary requirements.

Company Info:

Nome Consulting (Pty) Ltd (NMC) is an innovative company that seeks to offer our clients assessments that are affordable, transparent, and relevant. All assessment tools that are used are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), whilst being standardised for South African conditions. We come from a background of having worked in various Higher Education Institutions, Research and Development Consultancies, as well as Corporate environments, and are therefore able to operate in various domains with ease.

Our Individualised reports are designed to present the assessment results on a platform that is easy to understand without the unnecessary jargon that could lead to more confusion. Furthermore, the reporting that we deliver, aims to empower the assessed individual through one-on-one feedback as well as development reporting that accompanies the reports. All assessments are monitored by registered Psychometrist (Independent Practice) or supervised Intern Psychometrists.

Our main vision at NMC is to offer Psychometric Assessments at the most affordable price.We focus on tools that we know are credible and provide usable information. This we are able to do through the innovative usage of Information Technology to aid us in the assessment process. We are a virtual company that has the freedom to assess at various client venues in South Africa and abroad. A strong commitment to individual and organisational empowerment is evident in of our products and in our lives.


Tel: 087 820 3520
Mobile: 076 588 4855
Skype: karina.andreae
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HPCSA Number: PMT0088072

191 Bekker Road