Mr Doug Berry

Registered Counsellor  B.a. Psych. Hons.  ?
Works with: Adults, children, adolescents, couples, individuals, and families.
Specialising in: Depression, developmental disorders, learning difficulties, learning disorders, relationships, sexuality and gender, anxiety disorder, family difficulties, loss/grief, self development, and trauma.
Working in: English.
Durban North

I am a Registered Private Practice Counselor, affiliated to the Health Professions Council of South Africa, as well as being a Neurofeedback / Brain Training Practitioner. I have studied Psychology and earned my BPsych through South African institutions. During the course of my career, I have worked in the field of Neuropsychology, with specialist exposure to the unique world of those afflicted with Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke. I've also trained in Interpersonal, Family, Telephonic, Grief and Trauma Counseling, as well as Neurofeedback / Brain Training.

I am the co-founder of the EQ Advantedge course. I am passionate about helping children and adults in need, as well as those in the corporate wold, facing it's own unique challenges!

76 Adelaide Tambo Dr
Durban North


Tel: 031 564 7579
Mobile: 079 024 6001
Skype: dougbie


HPCSA Number: PRC0010030

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