Helen Keen

Social Worker  PhD (Social Work) (UKZN) (2014) Masters in Medical Science (Social Work) (cum laude) (1994) B Soc Science(Honours) (Social Work) (cum laude) (1983)  ?
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Works with: Couples and families.
Specialising in: Addiction, family difficulties, relationships, and sexuality and gender.
Working in: English.

I have been in practice as a social worker since 1983 and have worked in the mental health field (including addiction) for many of these.

My approach to treating addiction is holistic and I believe that involving the family or other significant people is essential. My work is based on Carnes’ task-centered model of treatment which offers a flexible and comprehensive assessment and treatment strategy.

My Master degree in social work focused on clinical approaches, specifically family therapy and this is an approach that I believe is very useful in working with addiction.

I completed a PhD in social work (2014) and the research examined the issue of multiple addictions and addiction interaction disorder which seem to be neglected areas in addiction practice.


Mobile: 083 443 3626


Practice Number: 0264857

33 Warrior Road