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My name is Lara Stern, I am a Child and Family Therapist and run an independent private practice in Cape Town. I offer therapy to both children, adolescents and am extremely mindful of positive family relationships. I also consult with various schools in Cape Town, run therapeutic groups with children and parents and provide workshops for parents and educators on a variety of family–focused topics.

I have always had a passion for working with children. If I look back at my childhood, school days and reports, it centred around helping others and finding ways to comfort them when they were sad and make them feel better. This was an intuition I felt I had from an early age and both my family and teachers always commented and reported on it. I have always had the need to help others and as I have developed, my awareness has grown more specifically into connecting with children and adoles- cents and helping their parents being more mindful of their children and their emotional needs. I feel very grateful that I was able to discover my passions and become a Registered Clinical Social Worker and Family Therapist in South Africa. I feel even more blessed that I was able to work and study in the United Kingdom and specialise in Integrative Art Therapies. I have experience with a wide variety of client groups and have worked in many settings including family centres, residential homes for children and schools, both in the United Kingdom and South Africa for over 10 years. My main focus is on childhood attachments and development, behavioural difficulties and family dynamics.

This includes individual work with a child, or parent, working with the parenting couple, sibling and/or family sessions. This approach is explored and experienced through a psychodynamic process.

My therapeutic work aims to facilitate a client in becoming more mindful and resilient to their environment. My hope is to help clients think more psychologically and expand their emotional expression and self awareness.

It is extremely valuable to find our voice within our family system in order to establish positive and healthy relationships and boundaries going forward.

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Mobile: 083 302 2070

Cape Town
Cape Town

Works with: Children, adolescents, couples, individuals, and families.

Specialising in: Anxiety disorder, depression, developmental disorders, eating disorders, family difficulties, learning difficulties, life changes, loss/grief, play therapy, relationships, self development, and trauma.

Working in: English.