Mrs Laura Edmonds

Social Worker  B.A.Social Work Honours  ?
Photo of Laura  Edmonds
Works with: Adults, adolescents, couples, individuals, and families.
Specialising in: Addiction, depression, eating disorders, and family difficulties.
Working in: English.

I have worked extensively in the field of Substance Abuse and related disorders since completing my under graduate degree in 1982.I offer out patient assessment and counselling services to individuals and families struggling with the illness of Substance Abuse.

Services that I am able to provide include:

*Initial assessment and screening of the Substance Abuser,

*Out Patient Counselling to the Substance Abuser and their family members,

*Intervention training for families and partners living with Substance Abusers,

*Forensic evaluations in both criminal and custodial matters where Substance Abuse is an issue

I consult to various schools ,NGO's ,and community self help groups on issues linked to my field of expertise.


Tel: 011 467 7022
Mobile: 083 556 7543


HPCSA Number: 10-07403
Practice Number: 08901627

The Centre For Holistic Health, 56 Kingfisher Drive