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Social Worker  ?
 MSD. Play Therapy, BA(Social work), Certificate in Education

Practice Number: 089 000 0084786

  • Play Therapy
  • Sometimes it is difficult for children and teens to find the words of what they feel and experience. The free and protected space, using arts, sand trays, clay and toys provides a place where non- rational and non- verbal processes can activate ways of thinking that leads to problem solving. Teens are more willing and able to open up through this process, as it is non-threatening.

    In the play therapy the unconscious thoughts can be revealed. As the nervous system in the brain integrates through new ways of thinking, healing takes place.

    In the process of play therapy:

    • Passivity transforms into activity.
    • There is a kind of a distance.
    • Trauma can be processed in a safe environment.
    • Ignoring the traumatic event can bring destruction.
    • Dealing with triggering issues brings forth wholeness.
    • Pressure is not placed on children to perform.
    • Children can process their emotions.
    • Social skills and problem solving methods can be learned in this way.
  • Counselling for adults
  • In the counselling sessions the unconscious thoughts that are suppressed are brought up to consciousness. In the calm, intentional and focused environment completeness and emotional healing can be experienced. Simple truths accompanied by neurological facts are the principles that the counselling methods are based on.

  • Bonding therapy
  • Attachment between parents (biological, foster or adoptive) and children can be strengthened through bonding therapy.
    Research has found that many factors can have an influence on the attachment between a mother and child before the child is born and the period just after the child is born. Children who had fragile attachment with their parents can have many developmental disadvantages for the rest of their lives. Bonding therapy is done through structured play therapy sessions to reverse the fragile attachment between the parent figure and child. The goal of bonding therapy is to reverse the disadvantages; and to restore the fragile attachment to a strong and meaningful attachment. Healthy attachment between a father and his child leads to children feeling that they have value and are competent to achieve tasks. Both parents complete each other in the task of raising a child.

  • Mediation
  • Children thrive when their parents have a cooperative co-parental relationship (Amato,2005). In the Children’s Act 38 of 2005, mediation is stipulated as the preferred method of dealing with disputes between co-holders of parental responsibilities and rights. Mediation is a process designed to resolve disputes during which a neutral third person assists parties to negotiate a settlement or parenting plan.

    The Children’s Act clearly indicates that parents must attempt the drafting of a Parenting Plan if they cannot agree on how to exercise their parenting responsibilities and rights.
    This can be done through a process of mediation if the parties are willing to participate in the mediation process. Litigation is used when parties decide that they cannot resolve a dispute and request the Court to make a finding. In terms of the Children’s Act the therapist focusses on: Section 7: Best interest of the child standard Section 10: Child participation Section 31: Major decisions involving the child The therapist uses the current standard by the Family Advocate to understand the views and wishes of children. Mediators or lawyers of both parties can request this office’s services to hear the child’s voice.

    Parental plans can be drawn in regards to care and contact. The parents would be interviewed in this regard. Home visits will be necessary, the child would be assessed individually.

  • Supervised visitations ordered by court.
  • Supervised visitations can be arranged with this office in accordance with certain terms and conditions.

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    Oakdene, Robertsham, Glenvista
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    Johannesburg East And South

    Works with: Adults, children, adolescents, and families.

    Specialising in: Anxiety disorder, child sexual abuse, loss/grief, play therapy, trauma, family difficulties, and relationships.

    Working in: English and Afrikaans.