Life Coach & Motivational Speaker Pretoria Suyan Budhoo

Social Worker  ?
Specialising in: Career assessments.
Working in: English.
Pretoria Queenswood

Suyan Budhoo is a professional Life Coach based at Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa she is providing services both nationally and abroad. Suyan focuses on individual and group sessions, and her workshops include Personal Mastery, Leadership and Management, Team Building, Relationships and Family, Health and Wellness, Financial Coaching, and more. she is a renowned Life Coach as Motivational Speaker, Personal Coach, Leadership Consultant she has a multi-disciplinary team of expert trained and accredited coaches.

301 Queenswood Gallery, 1108 Whittle Lane

301 Queenswood Gallery, 1108 Whittle Lane


Mobile: 082 339 8393
Skype: suyan.budhoo
Twitter: twitter


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