Dr Tanya Robinson

Social Worker  B.A. (SW) (US) (Cum Laude), M.S.D. (UP) (Cum Laude), N.E.C. (UNISA), A.H.S. (UNISA), D.Phil. (US), Ph.D. (NWU) (Pr.0154326) Registered as student for Ph.D. studies (UCT)  ?
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Works with: Children and families.
Specialising in: Child sexual abuse and family difficulties.
Working in: English and Afrikaans.

Dr Tanya. Marie. Robinson B.A. (SW) (US) (Cum Laude), M.S.D. (UP) (Cum Laude), N.E.C. (UNISA), A.H.S. (UNISA), D.Phil. (US), Ph.D. (NWU) (Pr.0154326) Registered as student for Ph.D. studies (UCT)

Dr Robinson is a Cum Laude scholar and erudite academic. Having attained two doctoral degrees, and now studying her third, her academic stature and practice experience is outstanding. Dr Robinson studied intensely and holds alumni with Stellenbosch University, University of Pretoria, UNISA and the University of the North West, Potchefstroom Campus. As an Academic she beliefs in supporting practice principles with thorough research. Hereby her intense passion for research and love for the academia. Dr Robinson is a Cum Laude Academic and holds an Academic Colours Blazer at the University of Pretoria.

She earned the following degrees -

1) B.A. (SW) (Cum Laude)–University of Stellenbosch Dr Robinson majored in Psychology, Sociology and Social Work at the University of Stellenbosch and graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Social Work. 2) Master Socialis Deligenta (M.S.D.) (Cum Laude) –University of Pretoria Dr Robinson completed a structured master’s programme in play and child psycho-social therapy at the University of Pretoria: Master Socialis Deligenta (MSD). This master’s degree programme equips the mental health practitioner to understand the child client and to communicate in the best-known language for children: namely play, on their own developmental level. 3) National Education Certificate (N.E.C.) – Unisa Dr Robinson diversified her knowledge and obtained a postgraduate National Education Certificate (NEC) at UNISA that specialised in Grade 6- Grade 12 teaching focussed specifically in life orientation. Dr Robinson has appeared at various schools to educate children with regards to the orientation to life. Dr Robinson aims to guide and equip learners for meaningful and successful living in a rapidly changing and transforming society. 4) Advanced Human Sexual Health Certificates (A.H.S.) – Unisa Dr Robinson specialized in human sexuality and did the introductory and advanced Human Sexology courses at UNISA. Tanya also completed numerous course materials in sexual related matters e.g. HIV/AIDS training; sexual abuse matters, sexual related practices at the Reproductive Health Centre in Sandton. Dr Robinson volunteered at this clinic for three years. Dr Robinson published her first book, When Sex Turns Sour, through Reach Publishing House. 5) Doctors in Philosophe (D.Phill.) – University of Stellenbosch She completed her doctoral studies (DPhil) in 2005 at the University of Stellenbosch under the supervision of Prof S Green. Dr Robinson is a leader in her industry with regard to sexual health and her research was selected to be published locally and internationally. Dr Robinson’s research was in addition published in a book, The Couple in an Unconsummated Marriage, through VDM Publishing House in Germany.
6) Philosophiae Doctor (Ph.D.) – North West University Dr Robinson completed a subsequent doctorate (PhD) in 2010 at the North-West University. This article-based doctorate focuses specifically on the field of forensic work with regard to training professionals in structuring parenting plans for divorcing families. Prof E Ryke, Dr C Wessels and Prof L Stewart of the North West University, Potchefstroom Campus led the study. 7) Philosophiae Doctor (Ph.D.) – University of Cape Town Dr Robinson is currently registered (2014) for her third doctorate at the University of Cape Town concentrating on sexual abuse accusations in divorce procedures of Dr J John-Langba at the Department of Social Development.


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HPCSA Number: 0154326
Practice Number: 2000/1375

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