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Practice Number: Reg no: 2012/052609/07 Rustenburg is registered with Dept of Social Development, Department of Health and Board of Healthcare Funders


This international treatment centre is located in Cape Town, South Africa. The Centre is close to the village of Somerset-West and is a 25-minute drive from the centre of Cape Town.

With lush gardens, beautiful historical Cape Dutch architecture, refurbished accommodation and clinical facilities, the serene and therapeutic surroundings of the estate offer unparalleled opportunities for treatment and recovery.

What are the admission criteria?

You must have an alcohol, drug or other addictive disorder and a degree of willingness to engage with the programme. You should be psychiatrically stable and 18 years or over. If you have pending legal proceedings, these are not necessarily an exclusion criteria. It always helps if family members and significant others are willing to participate in the process.

Does Rustenburg only treat drug and alcohol addiction?

Our primary area of expertise is substance use disorders – illicit drugs, alcohol and pharmaceuticals – but members of our team have special expertise in behavioural addictions. This includes gambling, sex, food and gaming. Although each addictive behaviour has its own nuance, they all share much in common.

What will happen if I have other psychological or emotional problems as well as an addiction?

The treatment programme will focus primarily on substance use and other addictive behaviours and the problems that it has caused in your life. However, we understand that addiction does not occur in a vacuum and therefore our team of professionals will always address the other issues including trauma, depression, family tensions and employment difficulties. We will always look at the bigger picture but our starting point is the addiction.

What is the shortest possible stay?

The shortest treatment programme that we offer is four weeks. We recommend a full eight weeks to achieve the maximum benefit. For clients who wish to extend their treatment in Cape Town, we are closely associated with excellent Halfway Houses and Sober Houses in the city.

What happens if I need detoxification?

Rustenburg has a fulltime nurse and medical doctor to provide support and medication for detoxification and is registered with the Department of Health for this purpose.

Will I see a psychiatrist?

We have consultant psychiatrists readily available should the need arise.

What is the cost of treatment at Rustenburg?

Our fees are affordable and competitive. We are registered with all South African medical aids, which will cover most of the cost of treatment. A shortfall copayment may be required. International clients should enquire directly for a fee quotation. The fees are fully inclusive of full board, the treatment programme and airport transfers. The fees exclude medical services not directly related to the programme. A laundry service is available and certain recreational excursions may attract an additional cost.

Please contact us for more information on these matters.

Rustenburg is fully licensed with all relevant government departments as a treatment facility, detox centre and psychiatric dual diagnosis clinic and has met the staffing requirements for such registrations. For more information, please go to our website

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Tel: 087 943 2293
Mobile: 082 559 0872

Helderberg Area: Somerset West, Strand, Gordon's Bay
Rustenburg Farm
Winery Road
Helderberg Area: Somerset West, Strand, Gordon's Bay
Somerset West

Works with: Adults.

Specialising in: Detox, drugs and alcohol, gambling, and process addiction.

Working in: English.