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12 Ways Therapy Can Be Helpful - By ' Life First Therapy ' 28 Sep 2017

There are many things in life we try to control on our own. We try to control what other people do, say and feel about us. Sometimes, we internalize these things. There are also times where we don’t control the things we can. Some days, we just don’t feel like it because it appears as though everything is falling apart in the middle of a life-storm creating a flight or flee response. But even in difficult times, we can get through life-changing events.

As life happens, try to be honest for what’s true for you. Remind yourself, you have power no matter the circumstances that comes your way and with the help of a therapist; you can cultivate a meaningful, fulfilling and compassionate life for yourself. It is empowering to keep in mind that you are not alone.

Here are 12 ways **therapy can be helpful in navigating life.**

1.How you talk to yourself – therapy can provide tools on how to use positive self-talk.

2.How you react to others – therapy can help you align your emotions so they do not negatively impact your behaviors.

3.How you structure your time – therapy can help you identify ways you may be spending useless energy and time on things that do not add to your overall, daily productivity and well-being.

4.How to create your space – healthy boundaries in every area of your life are important to avoid emotional, spiritual, physical and mental fatigue.

5.How to ask for help – this can be a struggle for everyone, yet therapy starts the process of learning how to ask for help and from others in your life.

6.How to say yes and no – therapy can help with not feeling guilty for saying “no” or “yes” when you absolutely need and have to.

7.How to take care of you – therapy can provide tools on how to practice meaningful self-care with a lasting impact that can be used time and time again.

8.How to be honest with yourself and others – it can be hard to face yourself and admit certain truths, but therapy provides a safe space for being honest and self-exploration that can be freeing for you and others in your life.

9.How to channel your grief – a therapist can help guide you through the stages of grief in a healthy way.

10.How to manage racing thoughts – therapy can provide a safe space to release those racing thoughts and process in a healing way.

11.How to deal with regrets – therapy can show you how to be mindful, thankful and live in the present while accepting the past as it is – the past.

12.How to have a healthy relationship with your body and food – therapy can help you identify loving ways to treat your body not based on food.

I encourage you to think of ways therapy can be helpful for you.